Refrigeration Deals

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Samsung 288L Fridge

Price: R7 812

12 Month Warranty

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Samsung 308L Fridge

Price: R8 663

12 Month Warranty

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Samsung 367L Fridge

Price: R9 461

12 Month Warranty

All prices include delivery and installation.

Specialists In The Following

Industrial Refrigeration

Walk-in Cold Rooms and Walk-in Freezers. .

Commercial Refrigeration

Underbar Fridges, Blast Chillers, Blast Freezers, Beverage Coolers, Ice Machines, Flower Rooms, Keg Rooms, Mobile Refrigeration Units and Display Cabinets.

Domestic Refrigeration

Fridges and Freezers. 

Refrigeration Plants

Fan Motors, Compressors, Condensers, Evaporators, Thermostatic Expansion Valves, etc 

Control Systems

Building Management Systems (BMS Systems), LP Switches, HP Switches, Overload Protectors, Thermostats, Circuit Breakers and Contactors. 


R22, R134A, R600A, R410, R290, R404, etc. 


For optimum performance your refrigeration equipment should be serviced often.

An Introduction To The Refrigeration Process:

Refrigeration is a process that operates under two main criteria, namely pressure and temperature. This process uses a special type of liquid called Refrigerant which is able to withstand very high and very low temperatures. Refrigerant changes its state from liquid to vapour and back to liquid as it travels through the mechanical refrigeration circuit. The purpose of refrigerant is to absorb heat inside the refrigerated space and to release that heat into the ambient air or into the atmosphere. When the refrigerant increases to a certain temperature it evaporates and absorbs heat and when the refrigerant decreases to a certain temperature it condenses and releases heat. This process of absorbing heat and releasing heat continues until the desired temperature is reached within the refrigerated space and at this point the refrigeration unit will temporarily switch off. When the temperature begins to rise above the set point temperature the refrigeration unit will switch on and the refrigeration process will begin until the desired temperature is reached.