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Jet Air Inverter Split Unit

12000 BTU - R12 400

18000 BTU - R14 400

22000 BTU - R17 400

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Alliance Inverter Split Unit

12000 BTU - R12 900

18000 BTU - R16 900

24000 BTU - R18 900

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Alliance Portable Unit

12000 BTU - R6 500

All prices include delivery and installation.

Specialists In The Following

Mid-wall split units

Cassette units

Window/Console units

Package units

Hide away units

Fan motors


An Introduction To The Air Conditioning Process:

Air Conditioning is accomplished by the application of the principles of mechanical refrigeration into an air recirculation system arranged to absorb heat from the air within a contained space (e.g. a room or a building) and transfer the heat to the outside of the structure. If someone asks you “What is the difference between Refrigeration and Air Conditioning?” What would you say? Answer: There are various differences between Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, however, the first and main difference is Air Conditioning intends to provide the room with cold temperatures as well as with warm temperatures, whereas, Refrigeration intends to provide the room with cold temperatures only.  

Air Conditioning focuses on the following aspects:

  •  Regulating and controlling temperature
  •  Regulating and controlling humidity 
  •  Providing proper ventilation 
  •  Recirculating the contained air within the conditioned space 
  •  Filtering and cleaning the air